The VHV pilot plant

Innovative conveyor systems technology - Convince yourself...

We focus on our customers - in order to meet our customers' and our own demands, we have established a pilot plant at our Hörstel works.

We provide you the opportunity to test your products with a test run in our company's own test facility. At the same time, you experience the advantages of innovative VHV conveyor systems technology at first hand and can convince yourself of the functionality of our module construction style.

The pilot plant provides the ideal opportunity to test the materials handling of the materials provided by you, to observe their properties and therefore to work out a project perfectly fitting your needs and to offer it.

Naturally we use our pilot plant for the continuous development of our technologies. We rise to new challenges and always strive to make our conveyor systems technology even more performant for you.


 The following products are ready for test runs with your materials in our pilot plant: 

VHV product:

The following can be tested:

● Boxfeeder / 
   Bunker discharge

● Discharge  characteristics
with your materials

● Cover  belt conveyor    
with smooth belts
Incline 0°/40°

●Conveying characteristics  of the material with an incline of 30-35°

● Double belt conveyor with smooth belts
Inclination 0°/90°/0°

● All VHV stripper systems

● Conveying characteristics of your material with vertical transport

● Conveying characteristics with an inclination change in bend stations from 0° to 90° to 0°

● VHV synchro agitator

● VHV stripper ploughs

● Even material distribution over the full belt width

● The cleaning behaviour of the VHV strippers can be tested with your materials

● Sideward diversion of partial quantities or total quantities

The following are also displayed:

All mount construction types, chutes and hoods, footbridges, steps, supports, covers, dosing belt weighers, polygon sieves and modular hopper technology


Are you interested? If so, please feel free to approach our employees!