The VHV production

Investments in the Hörstel location...

VHV Anlagenbau set the course for the future in 2008 and created new capacity. Therefore, initially the plot of land in the Hörstel-Ost industrial zone was extended to 22,000 m², where the production area was then enlarged by 50 % to 7,500 m². The new halls also provide 2m more assembly height on an area of 1,800 m² as well as new staff facility rooms, new offices for the foremen and a new incoming goods area.
The purchase of a new MATZAK automatic lathe provides the basis for machined manufacturing with which most of the required turned parts can be manufactured in-house.
In order to increase laser capacity and to meet the higher requirements with respect to sheet thickness and quality, a new laser cutting machine (Trumpf Laser TRU5040) was purchased..