VHV Anlagenbau obtains German certificate „Sicher mit System“
(safe with system)

Hoerstel (Professional association wood and metal). "From now on company growth goes hand in hand with industrial safety". This is Alfred Hagemann's summary of his work's result. He is the brother of one of the managing directors from company VHV Anlagenbau GmbH and he was one of the persons in charge for the implementation of a professional management system for industrial safety. With success: At the end of 2016 the manufacturer of conveying systems was examined by the professional association wood and metal. Now the global operating company received the related and so-called certificate "Sicher mit System" that will remain valid for three years.

Enhancement of work due to new structures

The company that was founded in 1995 grew quickly and has employed more and more people over the last two decades. Today there are more than 100 employees including 13 trainees. The increasing number of jobholders necessitates a restructuring of the internal industrial safety. "We want to be forward-looking and that applies to the industrial safety as well. For this reason we chose on purpose the seal of quality named "Sicher mit System" enabling us to implement a management system for industrial safety that is tailor-made for our company", says managing director Georg Hagemann. Since that time measures for more safety and health at work have been part of the firm's philosophy. Thomas Ikemann, the supervisor from the professional association, confirms that as follows: "The employees as well as the corporate management have always been very committed to industrial safety. Now it was time to transform this engagement into structured and well-organized processes".

All needful arrangements were realized soon and Alfred Hagemann was entrusted with the implementation. The internal transfer of knowledge is a huge synergetic effect when introducing a management system for industrial safety, underlines Mr. Hagemann and adds: "For instance all employees were introduced to the health and safety as well as to the fire protection officer.  During the conversation with those two the VHV staff was able to understand the corresponding tasks and duties." For this reason the entire staff joined forces and each one of them contributed to more safety and health at work. "This active involvement is kind of special with regard to the size of the company. From this day on the industrial safety is not only well and clearly structured, it is also deep-seated when it comes to the managing directors, the employees and the trainees", explains Mr. Ikemann.

Usage of further ranges of services

Since there is always a potential for optimization and to improve the internal communication even more the corporate management intends to use another service of the professional association wood and metal called "Gesund im Mittelstand". On the basis of a survey for the employees, persons in power will get information on the company's influences on the health of its staff. "After an introductive conversation and the following questioning we will then focus on main actions: psycho-social factors and age-based working conditions usually represent the main factors", explicates Mr. Ikemann. Thereby VHV Anlagenbau GmbH could optimize a solid basis for industrial safety in a good and active way.

Further information on "Sicher mit System" and the service "Gesund im Mittelstand" to be found on the website of the professional association wood and metal" www.bghm.de; webcodes 491 and 492.