The VHV synchro material distributor

The "Synchro" material distributor has already proved to be extremely beneficial in many systems.
Due to intermeshing rotating heads, it evenly distributes the ingoing heaped material flow over the whole width of the belt.
Consequently, an absolutely constant charging of the subsequent rolling mill is achieved.
A change of direction every 2 minutes and the uneven wear of the rollers are thus finally a thing of the past.

Advantages when using the VHV-Synchro:

  • Intermeshing mixer plates distribute a concentrated material flow evenly across a larger effective width
  • Subsequent systems are loaded with uniform width
  • Hot products, such as foundry sand, cool down more easily thanks to the larger surface. It is easier to add water to a product that absorbs water
  • The material flow can be distributed evenly
  • Speed adjustment optimise the distribution based upon different types of material
  • Designed with a hinged frame, the mixer plates lift off the belt without damaging it.

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