Dosing belt conveyor and dosing belt weighers

VHV dosing belt conveyor:

•  Zinc-plated, compact system construction

•  Easy to assemble VHV modular system construction with clamping 
    set attachment of the pulley shafts

•  On-gear motors with pendulum roller pedestal bearings

•  Stripper systems to match your respective application

•  Gate valves can be supplied as spindle or impact valves

•  Layer height valves are height-adjustable

•  Linings can be supplied in all versions

•  Multi-layered rubber belts with border wedges hinder material loss

•  There is no need for abrasive edge seals

VHV weighing technology as an option:

 •  Precise weight recording of the conveying capacity due weighing 
     technology which can be installed

•   Precise dosage due to exact weighing of the transport quantity

•   Belt weigher control



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