Front segment scrapers

The front segment scraper which is only made of stainless steel cleans the conveyor belt centrally before the discharging pulley under the discharging parabola and deflects adhesive transport materials to the front. This saves construction height in the transfer area as no material need be collected underneath the pulley.
Adjustable tension springs can be used to adjust the cleaning pressure on each scraper segment to the actual, local soiling. This also enables the deflection of the segment on the pulley in case of heavier caking.

A special compensating joint levels up unevenness in the items conveyed and both absorbs shocks and guarantees the ideal positioning of the ductor on the belt. A zero dead stop limits the movement of the worn ductor, thus avoiding damages to the stripper and the belt. Temperature-proof variants are available for transporting hot items

The VHV front segment scraper can be equipped with parking devices for reverse operation.

A combination of front-segment-scraper and torsion scraper is possible too, also increasing cleaning intensity.

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