Head- and multi-plate scraper

Head scraper

The VHV primary stripper cleans the belt under the discharging parabola in front of the discharging pulley. Es can be equipped with polyurethane or also with hard metal segments. An assembly-friendly quick-change device enables simple exchanging of the segments.
The VHV primary stripper can be equipped with a parking devices for reverse operation.

The advantages of the primary stripper are incorporated in optimum belt cleaning, a high degree of user-friendliness for assembly - installation and deinstallation of the entire system or individual segments (refer to the illustration).

Polyurethane blades are now available with hard metal scrapers

Multi-plate scraper for secondary cleaning

The offset positioned overlapping stripper cutters clean the belt under the discharging pulley and augment the main stripper as secondary cleaners.
The individual cutters can be adjusted in their pitch, distance to the pivot point and cleaning pressure and adapt to the belt freely.

This makes it already possible to clean in the pulley area, making the stripper product accumulate as close as possible to the discharge point.

Both systems are relocated in the same carrier frame and function as combined strippers. This results in better cleaning performance.