Material deflection in the carrying strand

VHV scraping plough and diagonal deflector

VHV scraper plough for dissipating transport materials to the side.

 Material deflection in the carrying strand

Switched individually or in series, stripper ploughs or diagonal strippers ensure side material discharge from the belt conveyor.

In case of a closed V form, the nose of the blade serves to avoid a bow wave.
Pre-distributors can change the diversions from right to left.

Opened stripper ploughs ensure that the material discharge is in part at the sides, but also let material through in the middle.
This enables providing various discharge locations with transport material in parallel.

Width adjustments are available manually and electrically or pneumatically.

The high purification level of the VHV stripper systems is decisive. This is ensured by a combination of rolling and sliding belt ablation under the plough sections.

The adhesion of materials is hindered via high-quality, long-life stainless steel plough sections.

Generously dimensioned pneumatic cylinders secure the reliability of the hinged devices.

Covers and linings for dust deposits can be hinged open for servicing purposes.

Revision openings are located on the discharge shafts whose material-contacted surfaces ware lined with abrasion protection liners.


Scraping plough which can be hinged open

The swivel blade nib is spreading the material stream without a bow wave.
Sliding surfaces are coated. Chutes and covers for dust extraction can be hinged.

Pneumatically powered

Pneumatically powered hinged stainless-steel plough blades, allow material discharge to both sides of
the belt. Ideal sealing of the belt is achieved by the combination of rolling/sliding stripping of the belt.

Diagonal scraper

Diagonal scrapers are working on one side and can be hinged.
The purpose-built sealing is of special use, for the complete belt width.

Setting variants for discharging material.
Width adjustment by electrical motor can be supplied.

Silo filling by a row of scraping ploughs to premix the foundry sand.


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