Torsion scraper

The torsion stripper is used to clean adhesive material off the belt. The contact pressure is generated by two torsion stretch elements which transfer the pressure to the cutter via lever cranks. The slightly bent ductor strip is used to carry various stripper cutters.

In order to avoid the stripper becoming detached from the entire belt length in case of minor unevenness on or in the belt, it works approx. 50-100mm behind the centre of the pulley. This enables the belt to avoid unevenness locally upwards and the stripper continues to work on the remainder of the length. The ideal work position for the stripper cutter is at a right-angle to the belt. However, it can be assembled in a slightly grating position if necessary.

Construction forms:
Torsion strippers are available with a sintered carbide cutter or rubber-pad blanking. The corresponding construction form is selected, dependent on the adhesion of the material transported to the belt.

A combination of FS stripper and torsion stripper is possible too, also increasing cleaning intensity.